About me

I moved to New Zealand from London in 2005, I sometimes miss the hustle and bustle of London life but am happy to call Auckland home. I enjoy how clean the air is here, the beaches, the friendliness of its people and of course the weather.

As a young woman I was steered into the world of Administration, but I always had a yearning to work with animals, especially dogs. Then I found myself working for a ferry company whilst in Auckland, running the charter department out to islands in and around the Hauraki Gulf and it was whilst in this position I formed a connection with some staff at DOC and Auckland Council Detection Dogs – in the Conservation for Auckland Hauraki Gulf Islands Program. We worked closely as a team and I enjoyed watching the dogs practicing their scent work.

After many years in Admin and Customer Service, the pull to feel the grass under my feet became too strong. So, I quit my job and decided to enrol in a 1-year full time study of Canine Training and Behaviour Course at Unitec, Mt Albert. As luck would have it, my connection with the Conservation Dog Team played out. I required a dog to enter the course and they had one who was proving difficult to train. I took on the challenge of taming the beast we all came to know as Mawhai Monster.

My course covered many subjects including, Canine Training: which was the practical side of the course, being out in the field with your dog. Learning and teaching a variety of subjects including obedience, scent work, controlled agility to name but a few. Canine Behaviour: Was the side of the course which was spent studying best learning methods for dogs, how to gain the best from your dog, body language and much more. Anatomy and Physiology which I hugely enjoyed although at times I found challenging. Animal Husbandry and Canine Husbandry (specific). I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say this was the best year of my entire life. And the fact that I achieved a Level 4 New Zealand Certificate in Animal Management, Canine Behaviour and Training and passed with distinction was the icing on the cake. After completing my course, I attained a pet first aid qualification, which focused largely on dogs. My certificates are available on request. I continue my education to help me keep up to date with current best practice by attending annual conferences held by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers NZ and also training online with The Canine School of Science. I have also attended a three day Scent and Tracking course with Steve White.

As my business grows, I’m finding new skills and confidence with each dog I encounter. Every dog, like every human is different and I enjoy putting in place an individual plan on how best to build a viable relationship. The objective being to open the communication barrier between human and dog without the use of force, stress, fear or pain and injecting a little bit of fun.

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