Dog Walking Service

Dog Walking Services

Walking Service start from $30 for a minimum 45 minute walk. Each dog has a booklet called “Been There, Done That” which is completed after every walk and covers collection and drop of times and allows you to see where they have been and what they have done. We note down everything of significance on the walk from stool conditions to fun they had and of course any problems are noted. This, along with social media photos allows you to still be part of the walk. A good thing to remember when exercising and tiring out your dog, is, that like us, the more we exercise the more energy we gain. Again like us, when dogs use their brains, they find this very tiring. This is a very important part of life for a dog, as it is with us. Sniffing for a dog is like reading for a human, gaining information and stories from the surrounding area, breaking down codes and learning about the world. Do not under estimate what sniffing and taking time to view the world does for your dog. Remember that not all dogs want to be social butterflies .... some are nerds, who only want to read and solve puzzles, so why not indulge them.

Group Walks

Walking services start at $30.00 for a minimum 45 minute walk. But to be honest, we are normally out much longer than that as we have so much fun. Walks vary dependant upon the weather, tides, and groups but we always try to go to different locations to give your dog new and varied experiences. We are lucky in East Auckland to have many places to walk and this is taken advantage of at every opportunity. The walk includes door to door collection and drop off service, which means they are generally out the house for around 2 to 3 hours. This gives you ample time to do your house work without being chased for the mop. Each dog has its own record booklet called “Been there, Done that” in which we note; collection and drop off times, where we have been, anything of significance during the walk, how much fun they have had and, information about their stool condition and or any problems are noted. This, along with social media photos allows you to still be part of the walk. During our walks we try to keep the arousal levels down, which helps keeps squabbles at bay. Your dog is matched to other dogs who will respect them and allow them to enjoy their walk the way they want to. Groups are kept small, 4 dogs, perhaps 5. We continually work on recall and settle/calm, periods of sniffing time and treat finding. If the weather is against us and we get wet, each dog is wrapped up on the way home with a dry towel so your dog does not catch a chill. Some jackets are available dependent upon dog size. Dogs must have a good recall, must be dog and people friendly and of course be fully vaccinated to join a group.

One on One Walk/City Slickers

Walking services start at $50.00 for a minimum 45 minute walk. This service is for dogs who do not like to mingle or just needs one on one attention. Once again we collect and drop off direct from your door. Dogs can be walked on long lines, which gives them plenty of space but keeps them safely attached to me. I will find things in the environment to stretch your dogs mind, walking along walls, sniffing and finding, jumping up on logs, weaving through poles, jumping over and through all kinds of things we find along the walk (check out the video on The Catch Face Book Page dated 25th April 2018). These walks are confidence builders for your dog and helps them with concentration and trust. We will also go to local parks and the beach. Working on all different aspects of social skills and leash behaviour.

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