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Linsey was over in the UK on holiday for a month in June 2019. She stayed at my house. I was also dog sitting a one year old king Charles spaniel at the same time. Linsey was showing me all her skills. Her enthusiasm and delight in seeing her skills come too fruition was extraordinary too watch first hand. She literally had that dog obeying her every command, she definately knows how to engage with a dog so that they enjoy it and actually learn new skills. Result was an untrained dog with no recall skills returning on command. A dog totally engaged with trainer. It was amazing to watch. Owners got a good result on there return.
Jackie Nelson and Beau.

Linsey takes such good care of my elderly dog; not just lovely walks but caring and kind and includes positive training methods and rewards. Highly Recommended
Angela & Tiggy

Archie absolutely loves his walks with Linsey and his doggie buddies. These are more than a walk, it is a little adventure for him every day. He gets so excited when he sees Linsey drive in and he's always happy and contented when I get home from work.
Archie has been sick over the past few months and Linsey has even popped in during the day to check and make sure he is ok.
Yvonne & Archie

Linsey is generous with time given to training and exercising our dog, and educating us too 😂. Our dog loves going out in the van! Above and beyond expectation, Great services.
Laura & Jett

Linsey treats Harry as if he was her own. She is reliable and goes above and beyond. This is apparent from the moment you see her interact with Harry. Also her knowledge regarding all aspects of dogs is extensive and helpful. The peace of mind in knowing Harry is well cared for is priceless. And we love seeing him enjoying himself with the footage and photos posted to social media. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a trainer or walker.

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